Problems caused by cushion height and Solutions

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Problem: pain in the front of the knee
Solution: cushion up and backward adjustment.
Problem: pain in the back of the knee
Solution: cushion down and forward adjustment.
Problem: lateral knee pain
Solution: adjust the height of the cushion to ensure that the knee stretches 150 degrees when the foot pedal reaches the lowest point. Adjust the position of the locking plate inward
Problem: pain in the front of the pelvis
Solution: slightly lower the nose end of the cushion or raise the handle
Can do
*Adjust the cushion height slowly
*When changing cars, consider the influence of different crank length on your cushion height
*Maintain the seat tube well - if it can be tightened, it is not necessary to adjust it all the time
*Based on the optimization of your flexibility after a period of cycling, be ready to reassess the cushion height
Can not do
*Endure uncomfortable riding posture
*Adjust the position of the handle and the locking plate, but forget to adjust the cushion again
*Imitating professional players - their cushion positions are adjusted according to their physical conditions and comfort tolerance
*When tightening, forget to keep the cushion and upper tube in the same line

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