Bicycle cushion cover classification bicycle cushion how to choose to use?

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    Bicycle cushion cover is a bicycle accessory that directly contacts with the buttocks when riding. Bicycle cushion cover is one of the key parts of bicycle, and it is also the most used part in our riding process. It has a lot to do with the cyclist's health. How to choose the suitable cushion? Today we will talk about the classification of bicycle cushion cover and how to choose and use bicycle cushion 。
    At present, bicycle cushion covers can be classified into two types: 1. Narrow, long and thin hard cushion. This kind of narrow hard cushion is commonly used in sports bikes and is designed for high-speed cruising. When treading fast, the wide cushion is easy to rub the inner thigh and hurt, which also affects the treading action, so the design is thin and narrow. The soft cushion can't support the body stably, which affects the trampling efficiency. The buttock is like a sofa. The contact area between the soft cushion and the buttock is large, and the fast buttock is always moving, but it hurts because of too much friction. The hard cushion is more suitable for the fast trampling action. 2. Wide and soft comfortable cushion comfortable cushion, more commonly seen in entry-level vehicles or leisure oriented bicycles, is designed for slow cruise.  The wide design can provide a large and average support area between the cushion and the buttocks, and the soft cushion can provide better comfort. Due to the leisure oriented stepping action, it is not necessary to consider that the wide and soft cushion is not suitable for high-speed stepping.

    1、 Your seat cushion is better. The product classification is very clear. Different seat cushions have different functional characteristics. Some are more suitable for travel, some are more suitable for sports, some are suitable for mountains and so on. Generally speaking, the most expensive seat cushion is for racing use. In addition to comfort, more consideration should be given to the impact on Performance: lightweight, hard surface, size and shape suitable for riding posture with small waist angle. Most of the riders are leisure type. They need a moderate size, moderate hardness, and ergonomic consideration, which is more about health and comfort. The posture and intensity of leisure sports cycling, but the use of a competitive seat cushion, is not suitable. The cost of your product is high, but this high cost is not necessarily useful for you. 

2、 The saying that the seat cushion is used for "leaning" rather than "sitting" is too absolute. To be exact, when the waist angle is low, the legs bear most of the weight of the body, as well as cushion the shock, we are floating on the cushion, which is commonly known as "lean". Some car clubs suggest that novices should lower the handlebars and raise the seat cushions, and that they should use narrow and hard "professional seat cushions", which are considered professional. With this posture and cushion, when the legs are not strong enough, most of the weight of the body will be borne by the hips, and the perineum will bear a large weight at this time, which is not good for the body. Most of the riders ride for a long time on outings. Even if they are not novices, few of them are strong enough to ride for a long time. They can bear most of their body weight by their legs. In most cases, the weight of the body is mainly borne by the seat cushion. We are more "sitting" on the seat cushion than "leaning". So when we choose the seat cushion, we should not pursue the so-called "profession" unilaterally. 

3、 In order to avoid pressing the perineum, tilt the seat cushion forward. The sitting bones will slide down and the sitting posture will be unstable. At this time, it is necessary to push the body back with arm force, just like squeezing the body in the middle of the frame. For a long time of riding, the opponent and shoulder will be hurt. This kind of sitting posture reduces the contact surface between the ischium and the seat cushion, the pressure increases, and it is easier to cause buttock pain. In addition, once the center of gravity needs to be changed, for example, when going downhill, the sitting bones will slide down, the body will move forward, and the hands will prop up backward, which will inhibit the movement of hip rotation, is not conducive to control, and affect the legs to exert force and trample.

4、 With the seat cushion leaning forward, the contact angle between the buttock and the seat cushion is not too different, and the pressure on the perineum is limited, but the price of control, hand, shoulder and waist is paid. The correct way is to first level the seat cushion, and then adjust the seat cushion according to your riding feeling, leaning forward or backward slightly to find the right seat cushion angle. Generally speaking, the forward or backward angle should not exceed 5 degrees. I'm used to leaning back a little. I know a lot of senior riders, too. Correct riding method and suitable seat cushion, the angle will not produce too much pressure on the perineum later.

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